Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To rue and react virtually possible

'Real' and 'virtual' share almost the same meaning like the front and rear seat of a motorbike. Anything real calls for a first face- to- face feel of an action, a meeting or an event whereas the reality that one adds to 'virtual' is just not real but away from reality, AWAY. It is just 'nearly' felt. Am I conveniently playing with words? No, it is real, not virtual. There used to be a subject - "Physics" in school / college many years ago,an adored parent of rocket science or engineering in any field. Oh I even wanted to avoid the term 'engineer' in this piece.

Blame it on hollow values

How much I hated the chapter LIGHT for reflection, refraction, real or virtual image, parallax etc. Light never got brighter for me.Couldnt help learning the basics and left it at the base level of studies.Thank God I can go ahead without physics.

Today the real and virtual have merged into one aspect of thought. What is virtual is presented as real and what is real is hyper 'real' (i.e. already there). Now these words have cushioned themselves in defining a person and his so-called actions. If a moderately known public figure rubs shoulder with a superior (highly placed) figure, he is known to be in ideal company virtually on the 'upswing' of societal clambering.There again 'virtual',if you missed the bus of  amassing cash you are pushed off the ladder.Now if money is there value is there if the former is melting the latter blows off like a compressor.Hollow 'values' will hardly value your ability to stand vertical,not referring to tipsy folks.

Cash virtual .....  man stays cash goes

Some years ago a not-so-close (virtual) relative had the good fortune of being padded with cash (or strapped with cash) at all convenient nooks (of his body) and at home as well. Banks to him were considered 'sneaking" agents. This 'nouveau' rich man made risky and foolish investments whereby the returns were tapering and thus 'virtual' investments gave no returns followed by an IT raid. The real investment got a terrible bashing to the point of being a pauper. Here lies an example of a foolhardy investor who can talk for hours on 'real' and 'virtual' returns. Hope a Business school will adopt him as a 'guest' lecturer.

Virtual chat ....rendez-vous in clouds

Not very long ago, accidentally I fell into the chatting mode on the net with an upcoming writer, who initiated the talk to know if I read his 'book'. I did and I did enjoy reading the book. Oh! So he gloated but I realised his knowledge was just limited to his book. The minute I began to speak of an award-winning author whose brilliant book won the Booker prize his reactions were unconvincing. This does apply to define the real and virtual aspect of keeping track of knowledge about one's own hobby. Not mine!

Wish I was in 'real' conversation with this 'author' and it was my blunder to speak of another writer (more professional) sometimes 'virtual' chats can expose such literary gaffes. So should every writer reside in his own island, preferably in his ivory tower locked within and without.

Real and virtual friends

In this age of social networking does the idea of having real friends ring a bell? If you had one, you would now long for the same 'real' friend who can emulate or nod at your thoughts or at least agree to reflect on your thoughts. But virtual ones are quite shallow who may not support your views on life and philosophy or values. Yet we do meander along the daily drudge of surfing the social circuit to know whether there is a soul whom one can support or one can gain support from. Is the virtual perception of life GETTING LARGER than the real one? Is it better to be 'real' or 'virtual'...?

On concluding only the Creator of this universe can decipher the human brain...again who is He? A virtual concept that man has been researching but finds it difficult to define.Happy conjecturing.But do not get too religious.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Riding two horses can sprain the ankled nerve

Faith and associated actions must draw one cart. If you follow a particular religion or cult, then do plunge into the associated activities. If you are a devout follower of a religious person, try to touch his / her shadow not feet, once in a while or emulate his actions- Who knows, it may exude some positive or cosmic effects. Like those who always dreamed of Mars would like to go there even if it is a one-way ticket. Of late, New Year festivities are associated with Santa Claus (though X'mas is seven days old) and gifts. Now the crux is that if faith is on one level and activities are on another.... Result - utter dissatisfaction. Like this man was a Hindu and professionally he made pots for hindu funerals. His wife would happily hand over ladoos to taste for Diwali and this man would sit hovering over a potter's wheel to make pots. Both inevitable but not satisfying.

Not a laughing matter

Mrs Patel an erstwhile neighbour, was puny in size but liked everything big and a glaring example being her giant-sized husband. To match her equation with him and to avoid public glare she wore bright sarees with big prints and ornaments that suit tribals (who, with due respect, are also earthly). A second peculiarity she loved to indulge in loud conversation with her husband. Once she paid a condolence visit to a neighbour. The occasion was solemn and silent. Twenty odd persons in one room to pathetically argue how did 'he' (the dead man) die? Mrs Patel makes a quiet entry and begins to ponder and look solemn, when suddenly she noticed her husband. Lo, she nudges her way towards him and speaks in loud whispers which sounded like "Cher's" rap( Cher does not rap). Oh, could I laugh no, could the others laugh- no.Soon one woman escorted Mrs Patel out to let fresh air change her thoughts and actions.Her demeanour looked like that of a lost soul in fragile surroundings.

Thoughts and actions if mutually opposed, spell disaster

Very down-to-earth examples are needless to elaborate, especially if they are politicians. We do come across such 'contrary' examples in life. A teacher and mother will display gentle behaviour at school but may be cantankerous or an argumentative mother at home. Now, don't wonder where war originated. Not in Belgium. A man may be an overfriendly boss in office but a difficult person at home. NO wonder such dissimilarities bring in over-indulgence like addiction to cannabis, sex, drinks or violence. We are all homo sapiens,  so that slight leaning towards animalism can be disastrous.

Fragile minds seek fragile pleasures

Whether one is in Maharashtra, Sikkim, West Bengal or Kerala(other states also included ), one would notice a watering hole at every half a kilometre and these dens nurture seeds of dismay, disaster or
discomfiture in society.In other words a fragile mind can dig a trench to shut out tension. Parsonic feelers cannot construct a firm outlook to life till one realises the perils of  leading an uncouth life. It is not advisable to be saintly and tolerant always but an effort could be made to pay heed to a balance in disposition ....Now or Never.

A lesbian friend (an acquaintance to me) visits the orphanage every month and donates gifts or clothes to overcome her quirky mental  disposition. So remember gays or lesbians all over the world are innocuous like rattle snakes.