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Vibrant and colourful homes

(This piece was written by me for a magazine on Home decor. I felt the general reader also deserves an insight into making indoors look splendid without tweaking the budget)

A well-kept home needs chandeliers to make it look vibrant and colourful. A room without proper lighting looks sombre and  reduces the ability to add life to the living space.  That is why, Indian homes, especially during festivals like Diwali, are brightened and spruced up by a thorough cleaning up and also with a display lamps that help to give brightness, sparkle and colour. Apart from festive seasons, generally, homes need to be brightly lit up to invite good fortune.

Chandeliers are not a new concept in Indian homes and have been around for at least the last three centuries. Some say the concept is at least 800 years old and descriptions can be found in the literature of those times especially when describing the dwellings of the royalty and aristocracy.

They were hung when electricity was a rare resource, from villas to passages in palaces or hallways in sprawling houses where chandeliers were mounted with lit candles that kept a glowing ambience around.  With the passage of time, the decorative designs also evolved and given better shape and feel. Technology as well as workmanship have helped in immense measure to add beauty and innovation of the chandeliers of the present time. It can safely be said that perhaps no other decorative item has acquired the popularity and charm across the world as the chandelier has done. Designers, manufacturers and the elite contributed a lot towards the evolution of the modern day chandelier.

Bulbs to LED crystals

Thus today we have the modern chandeliers which are LED crystal along with a remote control to vary the colours and adjust the brightness. There are also chandeliers which have a brass/bell metal content and these are preferred by those for whom money is not a major constraint. The maintenance and the other impediment being the weight of the chandelier if bell metal is used as base material. Bell metal has a brass finish that offers a rare opulence.

Of course, maintenance is a big issue in the case of chandeliers that are made of glass because of the fragility of the items while it is not so in the case of the metal varieties. While each of them has its own merit to offer.  Traditional chandeliers being the preferred choice for the connoisseurs and the well-heeled belong to a different clientele.

The goddess of wealth enters those homes that are well-lit as it gives an opulent and inviting ambience worthy of the entry of wealth and prosperity. This is another reason why every Indian home is lit up with a lamp symbolising obeisance and a prayerful welcome to the goddess of wealth. 
Typically, a chandelier is a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling and includes two or more candles (to save on power) or electric light bulbs. A curved rod or tube made of glass holds the ornamental lamps. In fact the odd angles created by walls in a large room gets accentuated with the right kind of  decorative lamps.

For more about chandeliers see my next post!

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