A change in political landscape

New Indian President

Electing a dalit President after being pitted against another dalit did not create a political maelstrom. Perhaps, this seemed to be the last straw on the camel’s back. A political evolution has a superficial gloss but does it really uplift the masses in the lowest rung of society? Overall we expect an erudite, accommodating President who will do good for all, true to the aspiration of Dr B R Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution.

Ram Nath Kovind ,the new President  and more recently Mr.Venkiah Naidu was elected new vice-President are the new faces on the political landscape.

So much for a conveniently poised political picture painted for the highest office also drew a lot of flak from the opposition. The opposition is still rattled and clueless but will it only influence the secretly rich politicians to hide and play their cards less blatantly. We are heading for a heady battle of thoughts when politics is not so easy a game provided the players are less stupid/ruthless. As you analyse…..

Corruption, an inevitable malaise

Nobody is spared of the evil effects when the devil starts riding his hobby horse in all fields of progress. In India stumbling blocks come in the form of Opposition parties that wish to always have a say on the goverment's way. Infrastructure or fiscal deals will find a backdoor that lures many a novice to be smarter than his predecessor. The only problem which arises late is when the successor leans on a hybrid ideology that can impede or steer the way through. Fear it, or face it.

Thorn in the bush

Media is the only avenue that can stem or support corruption. A very wobbly state of affairs makes the media waddle from side to side. In India, the ideological barriers range from party politics to state-dominated politics, but the only binding connect being the financial network that binds the nation.
If the media is the state’s conscience-keeper, it must refrain from superficiality and bloody politics. An astute approach can help business flourish thereby reinforce trust in politicians. My corrupt neighbor should not make me corrupt. What the indecisive Oppostion can do is do away with petty differences and unite. The fractured Opposition parties offer ample scope for speculation, even humor or horse trading to further the prospects of  bigger parties….some horse sense!
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